Here’s What I Think About Brainstorming…The Power Of Many Eyes And Ears

The Power Of  Many Eyes and Ears

I often attend speaker conferences and seminars to gather ideas to grow my business, and I always try to not ‘go-it-alone.’ Not because I don’t like going to these events  alone… because I actually do. I’ve always enjoyed being independent, free to come and go as I please,  and could very easily travel through life alone. But I’ve learned it’s not such a smart idea in business.

You see, I don’t know enough.

Due to my own personal life-experiences, blind-spots, Prejudices-I-Don’t-Know-I-Have, and many more of my thousands of human limitations, I realise I can only take in so much, see so much, hear so much, and understand so much… at any given time.

And yet we still think we can take it all in… NOW!

How often have you read a book or watched a movie, and after discussing it with someone else who did the same, you caught sight of whole new perspectives that your heart, eye, brain and ears just would never ‘get’ if left to their own devices?

Life has taught me that in trying to be different, expand our business, and extend our support community we’ll travel much further much faster if we have more than just our one set of eyes taking in the landscape. To think otherwise is extremely narcissistic.  

If you’re like me, you hate to miss any of the good stuff, and want all that every situation has to offer.

Next time you’re watching a webinar, or reading a business or life book why not invite somebody else to do the same with you? And agree to create a brainstorming alliance during or after.

Or why not take someone else along with you to the next information session or seminar you’ll be attending? Someone who you can trust with your ideas, who will brain-storm and collaborate with you, and perhaps who also thinks and sees the business world differently to you.  

I can assure you that by inviting other people to share experiences with you such as books, webinars, information and events that apply to your business, you will:-

  • see further with greater clarity
  • increase the peripheral vision of your business brain  
  • hear more and grasp  more of the context and content
  • understand author/speaker finer points in greater detail
  • experience a greater awareness and knowledge of the subject
  • generate stronger ideas afterwards
  • create greater possibilities for improving your business 

By adding in a brainstorming, collaboration, and de-briefing component afterwards you are, in effect, maximising your own thinking.

On the other hand, if you’re completely comfortable in the knowledge that you already know-it-all, have the brightest mind, keenest insight, and couldn’t possibly benefit from anyone else’s input, then this blog probably isn’t for you, and I’m left wondering why you bothered to read it in the first place.

So, are you a lone-ranger? Or are you a collaborative brain-stormer?

I’d love to hear how you maximise information-gathering from your reading. And also, what measures you take to ensure you capitalise on the events you invest time in watching and attending.

PS. Feel free to email me if you’d like to include my eyes and ears in the next event you’re attending, or article or book you’re reading.