Gaye Writes

An incomplete list of articles I have written.

International Women’s Day 2013

Benefits Of A Clear Vision

Where I’ve Been

The Shocking Story Of Bottled Water

Avon In Africa

End Child Slave Labour

Say NoKay To Human Trafficking

Strike The Woman, Strike The Rock

Make Nestle Honor Its Pledge to Stop Using Child Slave Labor

Edison Electrocutes An Elephant

The Importance Of Being Earnest With Our Business Ideas

Happy B’Day! #CEDAW‬

End Female Genital Mutilation   #SayNØkay2FGM

Ode To Social Media

A Mother’s Day Message To My Child-Free Friends

We, The Women Of This Generation, Can End Female Genital Mutilation #SayNØkay2FGM

Gus The Theatre Cat

The Old School House (an article by a family member)

Here’s What I Think About Bullying

Here’s What I Think About Acres Of Diamonds

Women Bullying Women

The Graphic Designer From Hell

I Believe

Here’s What I Think About Empire Avenue

Here’s What I Think About Brainstorming

Here’s What I Think About Bank Managers

Here’s What I Think About Business Coaches

My 100th International Women’s Day Soapbox Rant

12 Steps To A Strong Cash Flow

The Unsaid (Pt 3) Testing Our Testimonials

The Unsaid (Pt 2) The Power Of Negative Thinking

The Unsaid (Pt 1) Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Business Cards With Backbone

Business In A Book

The SOHO Blues

A Letter From A Friend


More coming as I remember where they are tucked away on the www  🙂

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