Here’s What I Think About Bank Managers Pt1

Here’s What I Think About Bank Managers. Pt1

What’s Your Bank Manager’s First Name?

I was having a discussion recently with a bank manager I was seated next to at an event. She said she found it odd that the only time people sought her out was when looking for a loan, or when they were in trouble with the bank.

What’s you bank manager’s first name? Have you ever asked your bank manager out for a cup of coffee? If not, why not?

Getting to know your local business banker or bank managers is one of the smartest things people in business can do. Bank managers are a very important cog in the operation and growth of many businesses, and therefore have many eyes that your business can benefit from.

Your business banker or local bank manager can be one of your greatest business assets. Especially when you’re just starting out, because initially you’ll need as many experienced sounding boards, and as much good advice as you can get.

Bank managers and business bankers are often completely under-valued as the true business assets they are.

A good local bank manager or business banker is probably more ‘in-the-know’ with what’s going on within your local business community than anybody. They have their finger well and truly on the pulse in relation to much of what’s happening in your business industry or community.

Your bank manager will bring a wide range of business knowledge, experience, assistance, support, connections and resources to your new or existing business to help it grow – if you ask for their help.

There are very few people as well connected and ‘in-the-loop’ within a business community than a local business banker. And even fewer who are qualifed, and willing, to sit with you and discuss the important issues your business is facing – at no charge.

I truly believe that business bankers and bank managers are the most under-valued business partners in the small business community, and that this could be either the result of never having it suggested, or it’s from having a ‘small business’ mindset. Just look at all the large, successful businesses and you’ll see that their relationships with their banks and lenders are some of their most valued relationships.

If you have plans to grow a strong, profitable business, then your bank manager is one of the first people you should be connecting with. Business growth and bank managers have a long-standing history and connection. Just look at the top-end of town to see if what I’m saying is true.

You never know, it could be the beginning of beautiful relationship that provides insight, connections, intelligence and support as your business grows.

To be continued……..

Gaye Crispin


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