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The Girl Effect is a movement of people who believe in the unique and indisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.

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#AvonInAfrica Fights Poverty Helps Empower South African Women @AvonInsider @avonfoundation @Avon_UK ‪#CSR‬

“Avon Calling” for South Africa’s Jobless

Cosmetics giant Avon has helped lift South African women out of poverty, according to a new survey.

Oxford University conducted a three year study on women working for the company in South Africa and uncovered some positive outcomes. The door-to-door beauty sales firm is providing women in South Africa with a route out of poverty, the academic study indicates.

“Trade union estimates say black women in South Africa earn an average of 1,200 rand (£94) a month, while white women earn 9,600 rand and white men around 19,000 rand. The Oxford research included surveys with 300 black Avon representatives and 77 customers, plus interviews with Avon’s management, representatives and consumers.

It found Avon representatives’ income put them in the top half of black women in their communities, and brought them in line with what a black South African man earns. Avon representatives with 16 months or more in the system earned enough to cover a typical household’s expenditure for food, nonalcoholic drinks, clothing, shoes and healthcare.” The Guardian

The Avon case study was developed with support from the Pears Business Schools Partnership. The purpose of the partnership is to inspire future leaders to make a positive difference to society.

See the full case study here >>>>

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#ECSL2016 – End Child Slave Labor by 2016 (please read)
#SayNØkay2FGM – SayNØkay to Female Genital Mutilation (please read)
Beautiful Display of Grinding Stones from Southern Africa – Strike The Women, Strike The Rock

Rio+20 Legacy: Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon’s #ZeroHungerChallenge for a future without hunger! @zerohungerchall

From the UN News Centre: Rio+20: Secretary-General challenges nations to achieve ‘zero hunger’

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the ‘Zero Hunger Challenge’ at Rio+20, where all countries were invited to work for a future where every individual has adequate nutrition and where all food systems are resilient.

“In a world of plenty, no one – not a single person – should go hungry,” Mr. Ban said during the launch of the initiative at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday night. “I invite all of you to join me in working for a future without hunger.”

“Zero hunger would boost economic growth, reduce poverty and safeguard the environment. It would foster peace and stability,” Mr. Ban added, calling on farmers, business people, scientists, civil society and consumers to join the challenge by honouring past promises and work together to put an end to hunger.

Rio+20 has delivered a pretty good text for farmers; now it’s up to governments

Rio+20 has delivered a pretty good text for farmers; now it’s up to governments and agencies to act on these words, and put into place the financial commitments and practical policies that can truly deliver. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)
by Vanessa Meadu

The ‘Zero Hunger Challenge’ has five main objectives: to achieve 100 per cent access to adequate food all year round; to end malnutrition in pregnancy and early childhood; to make all food systems sustainable; to increase growth in the productivity and income of smallholders, particularly women; and to achieve a zero rate of food waste.

Inspiration for the initiative came from work being carried out by many countries and organizations to end hunger, including Brazil.

The ‘Zero Hunger Challenge’ is supported by UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), World Food Programme (WFP), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Bank and Bioversity International.

“Big problems call for bold goals. The Zero Hunger Challenge can help us mobilize political commitment, the first step to eradicate hunger,” said FAO’s Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, said at a high-level meeting in Rio de Janeiro today. “This is a personal challenge from the Secretary-General, but one that all of us should answer, as individuals and collectively. FAO embraces this challenge of a Zero Hunger World.

More than 40,000 people – including heads of State and government, parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, business and civil society leaders – are attending Rio+20, which ends on Friday. It seeks to shape new policies to promote global prosperity, reduce poverty and advance social equity and environmental protection.


Photo: IRIN/Siegfried Modola – UN News Centre

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Deforestation and Forest Criminals in Mindanao: Nature’s message being ignored #deforestation #philippines

Deforestation and logging in Mindanao  Photo courtesy of Francesco Verinesi

Deforestation and logging in Mindanao

  Photo courtesy of Francesco Verinesi

Forest Criminals in Mindanao

Story By : Isagani Zarate
Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree,” the poet Joyce Kilmer wrote.

Yet,   in Mindanao, not fools but environmental criminals continue to unmake and wreak havoc on one of nature’s gifts to humanity.

A week ago, while accompanying a client on a project inspection trip to the eastern part of Mindanao, I witnessed a scene that was not only scandalous but even gravely criminal…  read the article >>>> 

Deforestation and logging in Mindanao Photo courtesy of Francesco Verinesi

Deforestation and logging in Mindanao  Photo courtesy of Francesco Verinesi

The sight was truly sordid: while heavy equipment and construction workers are busy paving  and concreting the arterial roads in these parts of eastern Mindanao …  read the article >>>> 

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“Give Me The Money That …” by Anti-Slaver Charles Sumner #quote #inspiration #EndHumanTrafficking #StopSlavery #taolife

Give me the money that has been spent in war and I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire of which kings and queens will be proud. I will build a schoolhouse in every valley over the whole earth. I will crown every hillside with a place of worship consecrated to peace.”  Charles Sumner  1811-1874

Charles Sumner -Anti-Slaver 

Charles Sumner

Charles Sumner, American politician and senator from Massachusetts, was the leader of the anti-slavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the Radical Republicans in the United States Senate during the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

As leader of the  Radical Republicans he sought to destroy slavery and radically transform the South, and worked to guarantee equal rights to the  Freedmen ( a freedmen was a former slave who had been released from slavery).

Sumner fought hard to provide equal civil and voting rights for the freedmen and devoted his enormous energy to the destruction of “Slave Power” and all attempts  and efforts of slave owners to take control of the federal government  to ensure the survival and expansion of slavery.  Sumner died while still in office at 63 years of age.

It was reported at the time of Sumner’s death, “Not since the death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 had the nation grieved so deeply at the loss of one of its statesmen.”

From The Pen Of Charles Sumner  "Not since the death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 had the nation grieved so deeply at the loss of one of its statesmen."

“From the beginning of our history the country has been afflicted with compromise. It is by compromise that human rights have been abandoned.”

“The age of chivalry has gone; the age of humanity has come.”

“No true and permanent fame can be found except in labors which promote the happiness if mankind.” 

Because we are still fighting slavery and human trafficking today,


If the video doesn’t work please use this link.

Below is a fairly exhaustive list of organisations and groups
working to put end to contemporary slavery, child slave labour, and human trafficking.

List of United Nations Agencies, Programmes, NGOs and Foundations working on Contemporary Forms of Slavery.

Amnesty International http://amnesty.org

Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org

Derechos Human Rights http://www.derechos.org

Front Line, The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders http://www.frontlinedefenders.org

Human Rights Internet http://www.hri.ca

Human Rights Network International database http://www.hrni.org

Human Rights Resource Center http://hrusa.org

Human Rights Web http://hrweb.org

New Internationalist http://www.newint.org

Anti-slavery www.antislavery.org

Anti-slavery society www.anti-slaverysociety.com

American Anti-Slavery Group (ASSG) www.iAbolish.org

Free the Slaves www.freetheslaves.net

Save a slave www.saveaslave.com

The Wyndham Charitable Trust http://uk.geocities.com/wyndham_ct

Polaris Project www.PolarisProject.org

Committee Against Modern Slavery http://www.esclavagemoderne.org

SOS Esclaves Mauritania www.sosesclaves.org

Slavery Footprint.org http://slaveryfootprint.org/

Trafficking and sexual slavery

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: www.unodc.org

The Emancipation Network www.emancipationnetwork.org

Coalition against Trafficking in Women www.catwinternational.org

Project to end Human Trafficking www.endhumantrafficking.org

Humantrafficking.org www.humantrafficking.org

People Against Trafficking Humans http://www.orgsites.com/mi/people-against-trafficking-humans/

Ban-Ying (Germany) www.ban-ying.de

Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association www.bnwla.org

Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women www.gaatw.org

Global Rights, Initiative Against Trafficking in Persons www.globalrights.org/trafficking

Human Trafficking Search (National Multicultural Institute) www.humantraffickingsearch.net

International Organization for Migration, Prevention of Trafficking in Women in the Baltic States project www.refocusbaltic.net/en

La Strada International www.lastradainternational.org

Perm Center Against Violence and Human Trafficking (Russia) www.cavt.ru

Stop Albanian Slavery www.stopalbanianslavery.blogspot.com

The Barnaba Institute www.barnabainstitute.org

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking www.castla.org

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition www.bsccoalition.org

Shared Hope International www.sharedhope.org

AFESIP www.afesip.org

Action to End Exploitation www.endexploitation.org

Protection Project www.protectionproject.org

Forced labour and migrant exploitation

International Labor Organisation www.ilo.org

International Labor Rights Fund www.laborrights.org

International Organization for Migration  www.iom.int

Kalayaan – Justice for migrant workers www.kalayaan.org.uk

Matahari Eye of the Day www.eyeoftheday.org

Global Workers Justice Alliance www.globalworkers.org

Human Rights for workers www.senser.com/index.htm

Irish Congress of Trade Unions www.ictu.ie

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions www.icftu.org

Sweatshopwatch www.sweatshopwatch.org

Trades Union Congress UK www.tuc.org.uk

Instituto Sindicale per la Cooperazione et lo Sviluppo www.iscos.cisl.it

Coalition of Labor Union Women www.cluw.org

International Organization of Employers www.ioe-emp.org

World Confederation of Labour http://www.ituc-csi.org

Children – forced labour and sexual slavery

UNICEF http://www.unicef.org

International Initiative to End Child Labor www.endchildlabor.org

ECPAT International (child prostitution and trafficking of children for sexual purposes) www.ecpat.net

Justice for Children International www.jfci.org

Save the children www.savethechildren.org

Child Labor Coalition www.stopchildlabor.org

World Tourism Organization – Task to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Tourism www.world-tourism.org//protect_children/index.htm

South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude http://bbasaccs.org

Child Rights Information Network http://www.crin.org/resources/index.asp

Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ALTEN) http://atsec.tripod.com/atsecbangladeshchapter/id1.html

Association pour la lutte Contre le Travail des Enfants au Niger (ALTEN) http://alten.apinc.org

Butterflies Programme for Street and Working Children (India) www.childrightsindia.org

Casa Alianza Latina America www.casa-alianza.org

Casa Alianza UK www.casa-alianza.org.uk

Child Labour Awareness http://childlabour.typepad.com

Child Rights Information Network www.crin.org

Child Workers in Asia www.cwa.tnet.co.th

Child Workers in Nepal www.cwin.org.np

Child Watch www.phuket.com/island/child.htm

Concerned for Working Children www.workingchild.org/htm/cwc.htm

Free the Children www.freethechildren.org

Free the Children India www.ftcindia.org

Global March Against Child Labour www.globalmarch.org

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights and Campaign to Stop Child Labour www.haqcrc.org

International Federation of Free Trade Unions (Child labour section) www.icftu.org

ILO – International Programme of the Elimination of Child Labour www.ilo.org/ipec/index.htm

Child Trafficking Digital Library www.childtrafficking.com

World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children http://www.csecworldcongress.org

The World Bank- Child Labour www.worldbank.org

Understanding Children’s Work: An inter-agency research cooperation project on child labour http://www.ucw-project.org/

ECLT Foundation – addressing the challenge of child labour in tobacco growing www.eclt.org

World Congress against Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) www.csecworldcongress.org

RugMark Foundation www.rugmark.org

Stop Child Labor http://stopchildlabor.org/

Don’t Sell Bodies http://dontsellbodies.org/

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Gaye Crispin
#ECSL2016 #SayNØkay2FGM

#ECSL2016 – End Child Slave Labor by 2016 (please read)
#SayNØkay2FGM – SayNØkay to Female Genital Mutilation (please read)