The Sticky Side of Anger / Lime & Coconut Slice {gluten free, raw & vegan}

The Imperfect Kitchen

I was in a coffee shop recently, having a rare, quiet moment outside of toddler-madness and I bumped into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a while. He’d seriously muscled-up at the gym since I last saw him.

He stopped by for a chat and when I told him how well he was looking, blithely asserted that women don’t have the same problems that men have with their body and self-esteem (why, oh why, didn’t I recognise the madness and stop the conversation there?!)

As gently as possible, I reminded him that women have enormous issues around body image and weight, and that I’ve definitely struggled since my son’s birth almost two years ago.

He looked me up and down and loudly announced that the great thing about English people like me is that we don’t care about being overweight. And by the way, isn’t it great that we’re so…

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