@girleffect is about ending poverty by investing in girls via @gayecrispin #TheGirlEffect #girls #future

The Girl Effect is a movement of people who believe in the unique and indisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.

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12 Comments on “@girleffect is about ending poverty by investing in girls via @gayecrispin #TheGirlEffect #girls #future”

  1. alamantra says:

    Hi Gaye. Thanks for the stream of info you provide. Take care.


    Good job Gaye!
    Glad to help spreading the word! 🙂

  3. Gaye, as usual you are awesome. Keep up the good work and have a nice Sunday evening there.

  4. Gaye we are working with a village in Kenya.. Odede and bringing Nancy to Perth in August to help her learn technique to help people in her village..

  5. superstarbusiness says:

    Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to do my bit in helping spread your cause and message ! 🙂 (e) abhijit

  6. ajarndonald says:

    Hi Gaye. To bad these things are killing people everyday but with people like you bringing awareness out in many good ways really help people to understand all the struggles of life and that there are choices and people who care. Have a great week Gaye. 🙂

  7. mandyf says:

    Outstanding cause Gaye!

  8. Hi Gaye, great cause. Congratulations & good luck. Cheers!

  9. There is an NGO based out of South India by name Naam which in tamil menas “Us” and even the lips come together when you say the word and they also are into mpowering single women http://www.naamfoundation.net/about.html … Lotsa love for the work you are all doing and promoting

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