#AvonInAfrica Fights Poverty Helps Empower South African Women @AvonInsider @avonfoundation @Avon_UK ‪#CSR‬

“Avon Calling” for South Africa’s Jobless

Cosmetics giant Avon has helped lift South African women out of poverty, according to a new survey.

Oxford University conducted a three year study on women working for the company in South Africa and uncovered some positive outcomes. The door-to-door beauty sales firm is providing women in South Africa with a route out of poverty, the academic study indicates.

“Trade union estimates say black women in South Africa earn an average of 1,200 rand (£94) a month, while white women earn 9,600 rand and white men around 19,000 rand. The Oxford research included surveys with 300 black Avon representatives and 77 customers, plus interviews with Avon’s management, representatives and consumers.

It found Avon representatives’ income put them in the top half of black women in their communities, and brought them in line with what a black South African man earns. Avon representatives with 16 months or more in the system earned enough to cover a typical household’s expenditure for food, nonalcoholic drinks, clothing, shoes and healthcare.” The Guardian

The Avon case study was developed with support from the Pears Business Schools Partnership. The purpose of the partnership is to inspire future leaders to make a positive difference to society.

See the full case study here >>>>

Congratulations and Well Done!


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Gaye Crispin

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34 Comments on “#AvonInAfrica Fights Poverty Helps Empower South African Women @AvonInsider @avonfoundation @Avon_UK ‪#CSR‬”

  1. ajarndonald says:

    You’re doing a wonderful job Gaye. Many people are gaining lots of knowledge including me because of the topics you choose to blog about. Thanks a lot Gaye:)

  2. Gaye, loved this story. Help people help themselves! Let’s hear it for Avon!

  3. sea lily says:

    Hi Gaye! Awesome! Avon in Africa, would have never known that!

  4. It’s nice when owners or employees of a company work together for a good cause. Never would have guessed Avon 🙂

  5. Great cause, well done Gaye!

  6. Nicolas says:

    I always suspect those Avon people, no matter where.

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Nicolas, thank you for stopping by. Really! That’s interesting. I’d love to hear why one day 🙂 Anyway Nicolas, I hope your week-end is lovely. 🙂

  7. superstarbusiness says:

    nice ! thanks again 🙂 (e)abhijit

  8. at0mic says:

    what a great initiative.

  9. I really love hearing about companies that are succeeding by doing the right thing! It almost makes me want to start wearing makeup…probably not!

  10. JB King says:

    Nice to see this kind of stuff Gaye.

  11. serialjava says:

    Way cool

  12. WebNode says:

    good work for a good cause gaye

  13. Awesome Gaye, keep it up 🙂

  14. Catherine says:

    people like to work and control their own destiny, this is great

  15. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    Avon is providing a change in poverty in South Africa. Please read this new study that shows how a company can create good.This post was written by my friend Gaye Crispin.

  16. This is wonderful news, I love when a company can change poverty into riches. Good job Gaye.

  17. mandyf says:

    Well done Gaye

  18. peter radzio says:

    Anything to help any people empower themselves, I think, is a good thing.

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