Here’s What I Think About Bullying by Gaye Crispin

Bullying is a form of arrested development, and the people who prop up, support and do the bidding of bullies need to grow up, grow a heart, and stop supporting and encouraging bullies. 

I judge bully supporters and bully cheer-squads to be peas from the same bully pod. Bully supporters are just bullies who like to watch. These are the bullies we see cheering from the side-lines, goading the bully into a greater frenzy, and experiencing  a huge ‘rush’ when their aggressive bully partner strikes a blow for Bullydom.

Then there are the passive followers who chose to run with bully packs to feel safe & protected in this ‘big scary world.’ I feel sorry for these people because  it’s only a matter of time  before the bully despises their weakness and turns on them.

Recently nearly a dozen people I know on have Facebook have been bullied in one way or another by the same person. And even this morning the body count is still rising, so this is my response.

Here’s what I think about bullying..

Bullies Don’t Won’t or Can’t by Gaye Crispin

To read ‘Women Bullying Women’ by Gaye Crispin click here

Why do you think bullies do what they do? Have you ever had a bully employer? What would you suggest to somebody who was being bullied at work or online?

I’d love you to share your thoughts.

Thank you,


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36 Comments on “Here’s What I Think About Bullying by Gaye Crispin”

  1. […] Here’s What I Think About Bullying by Gaye Crispin. […]

  2. Very Compelling Gaye. thank you

  3. V. says:

    Great article, Gaye.

  4. Tom Cooley says:

    I’ve been bullied a lot in my life. It’s not on. I’m tired of it.

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Tom,

      I am sorry that it’s happened to you. You’re right, it’s not on, and I’d say it’s quite healthy to be tired of it.

      Greater education and community awareness will (hopefully) mean people will be less inclined to want to exhibit bully behaviour or identify with bullies and their behaviour. At least that’s the dream.

      Thank you for your comments Tom.


  5. This is an amazing coincidence. This morning I had to write to a bully that is involved in a charity organisation of which I am a director and point out to him that his behaviour had to change, He is a long term member, quite elderly, who will not listen. So it’s in writing… the next is a face which I am looking forward to. The unwillingness of individuals to discourage his behaviour one on one astounds me. It’s the old “elephant on the room” cliche and I have been an elephant hunter most of my life. I just hate bullies.

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Ric,

      It is a coincidence, and very good for you Ric by addressing the situation you are facing with this fellow. I hope your board can be made to realise it’s in their interests to look at his behaviour objectively.
      It can be a real challenge when you come up against an ‘old boys network’ who’ve been covering for each for so long they’ve all compromised the life and goodness out of each other. I’m glad you’re an experienced elephant hunter, and I hope you have somebody onside to support you in that environment as you tackle this issue.

      All the best to you with this Ric,


  6. Bullying takes many forms, physical and non physical.

  7. streetelf says:

    I believe that you can do much better than that Gaye.

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Kosta,

      Thank you for your response., it’s appreciated.

      I will take that as a vote of confidence, thank you, and all the best with your Empire Avenue community.


  8. Tom Laing says:

    There are many organisations that have a zero tolerance for bullying, yet it persists. It is only when we stand up and say that is “not on” will we really change the culture that supports bullying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gaye, I hope it encourages others to stand up and say no.

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Tom,

      I agree with you: “It is only when we stand up and say that is “not on” will we really change the culture that supports bullying.”

      Thank you for sharing such a powerful thought Tom.


  9. Geoffrey says:

    I think bullying is only part of what you have written on Gaye but just the same, you have mostly hit it on the nail when it comes to the followers and cheerleaders of bullies. All in all i support you on the motion bullying must be stopped !!

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Geoffrey,

      I agree with you that what I’ve discussed here is just a small part of the bully landscape.
      Yes, I’m with you that we all need to say ‘No’ to bullying, and to cease participating in any bullying activities.

      Thank you for your comments and encouragement, I appreciate them.


  10. ajarndonald says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Gaye Crispin. I really love and appreciate your blog and I also hope to be more of an influence here in Thailand against bullying. This is such a serious problem and we need more people like yourself to get involved. Thanks a lot Gaye:)

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Ajarn,

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. I wish you all the best in your endeavours to oppose bullying in Thailand.
      If there is some way I can help you, or help to spread your message, please let me know.


  11. Anne Thomas says:

    Thanks Gaye, truly a very important topic, and I applaud your stand. Well said.

  12. Gregory Jackson says:

    Hi Gaye, timely topic and well done. Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards,


  13. Mott says:

    Quite a subject…

    I’ve been bullied as a child, by a “ruffian class-mate” ~ I guess he thought he was stronger than me- or knew that I was a non-fighter. Been over 35 years and I can still remember the details.

    Now as an adult, I can still see and still am “bullied” to a certain extent. I do notice very, very similar personality traits in the current bully and the bully from my childhood days.

    Your info-graphic pretty much sums it all up. There is/are “special trait(s)” of GTHE BULLY

    • Gaye Crispin says:

      Hi Mott,

      I am sorry you experienced that as a child. It must have been a very cruel experience for you to still remember the details. The sooner that we all start saying to ‘no’ to bullying in all the its forms, the better for everybody.

      I hope you have support dealing with this current situation, and I wish you well in standing strong and realising that it’s the person bullying who has the problem and not you.

      Stay well Mott,


  14. People that bully are a real pain. I agree with your post 100%.

  15. rad210 says:

    You’re absolutely right Gaye!

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