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Anna's Bee World

Today I went to visit a local organic farm and take pictures of the heavy bee action that is going on. I knew it was going to be a good morning when I saw how green the road to the farm was. I also saw my very first Gila Monster on the side of the road. I have seen them before, but they were in museums. This was a sign that good things were coming my way. When we arrived at the farm it was absolutely beautiful. The hills were so green.

The owner directed me towards the gardens that were buzzing with bee activity. It wasn’t at all disappointing. There were lots of tasty crops like sweet corn, watermelons, a variety of squashes and many many more. So I walked the gardens and snapped a few pictures of bees doing what they do best. Pollinate!

This is one of…

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  1. sallykwitt says:

    Interesting and beautiful!

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