‘A Letter From A Friend’


Hello friend, my name is Success,

and I help people

make their dreams

come true.

The key to finding Success

is to not set any limits.

You are capable of great things,

and I have never believed otherwise of you.

But me believing in you is not the answer,

it is you who must believe in yourself.

Why? Because your life is created first in your own mind,

then in your world.

You must look

beyond your fears

and see

your own potential.

Do not allow

your existing perception

of yourself to

confuse your reality.

If you do

it blocks my good friend Opportunity

from gaining entry

into your life.

And Opportunity refuses

to waste time

knocking on locked doors

or closed minds.

If you want Success in your life

you must get organized.

If you want to get organized

you must get creative.

If you want to get creative

look beyond where you are now.

Vividly imagine where you want to be,

imagining there is no possibility of failure.

When you do this write a list of what is in place,

and a list of who is there.

Then map it backwards from there to now.

This forms the first draft of your plan.

Keep an open mind,

good things will happen.

Devise your plan

and you will get there – if you follow it through.

You really are

braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.

Be like a postage stamp,

and stick to one thing until you reach your destination.

It is never too late

to be what you might have been.

You must believe

in yourself,

and put that belief

into action.

You must practice things

that show even you

that you really do

believe in yourself.

And always remember

to control your thoughts,

because your life

is what your thoughts make it.

So do not fear failure.

To fear failure

is to fear Success

and reject Opportunity.

Let go of your fears,

and begin preparing


to live the life of your dreams.

Belief in yourself

is contagious.

Have it

and others will believe in you too.

This type of believing

always attracts


and Success.

And if things go against you from time to time,

as they often do,

always remember this – an aeroplane takes off against the wind,

not with it.

You can do what you wish,

have what you wish,

be exactly what you wish.

This world is but the canvas

for your imagination.

And your imagination

determines your life.

Miracles will happen if you can give

as much energy and imagination

to your dreams,

as you do to your fears.

Be brave,

follow your dream today,

because this one single ‘today’

is worth two, three or even four ‘tomorrows.’

Shoot for the moon,

and even if you miss it by just a little,

you will still be

a magnificent Shining Star.

Believe in yourself – life is far too short to do any other.



‘A Letter To A Friend’ by Gaye Crispin… Copyright Dec 2010.
Please feel free to share and forward this to your friends as a way of encouraging them on their journey to meet with Opportunity and Success. This letter is part of a series, due for hardprint publication mid/late 2011. As such there is some fine print in relation to its distribution.
This letter is a gift from me to you. As a gift it is free for you to share with your friends and associates – with just a few conditions.
1) This letter is not to be sold, it can only be shared at no charge.
2) This letter is not to be marketed commercially (or sold) without my written consent.
3) When sharing this letter with others my authorship and copyright must be left intact and always included and acknowledged. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Apart from that… enjoy…. share.. inspire…create… succeed, Gaye Crispin.
Email: admin@womenontopbusinessplanning.com


About Gaye.

Gaye Crispin is a sales and marketing trainer, artist and writer. By the time Gaye was 25 years old she already owned 3 businesses, including a restaurant and a Solace Window Tinting Franchise.

In 1988 Gaye established a large telemarketing organization in Sydney, which was the first of its kind to market residential investment property to interstate investors over the phone. Her system was so successful and cost-effective that it quickly became the standard throughout the industry, and is still in use today.

She has successfully designed and implemented sales and marketing systems for motor vehicle accessories, art, skin care, health food, advertising, insolvency services, credit management systems, seminars and investment products.

Gaye has a debt collection and credit management agency, and is also the founder of Women On Top Business Planning, a group of individually successful business women who are passionate about helping business owners write powerful business or action plans for their business.

You can contact Gaye Crispin on 0416 926 533
Email: admin@womenontopbusinessplanning.com
Website:  www.womenontopbusinessplanning.com

One Comment on “‘A Letter From A Friend’”

  1. Elle Neal says:

    Excellent! I think I need to print that out and stick it up near my computer.


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